Breakfast Program

The President's Choice Children's Charity support our school's Breakfast Program. We greatly appreciate the continued partnership and support for our school community. Through the support of these amazing organizations, we are able to offer daily breakfast to any students who may need to start their day off right.

Lunch Program

Each day at lunch, we are able to offer a nutritious meal for students who may need it due to life challenges. Chilliwack Bowls of Hope, President's Choice Children's Charity support our lunch program through financial donations as well as daily soup and bread. We thank these two amazing organizations for all they do.

Sports Teams

McCammon participates in various school team sports that encourage sportsmanship by having competitive games against other schools in our district. Practices and game schedules are provided to students on the teams.

Afternoon Adventures

Afternoon Adventures is a free after-school program that’s been on a mission to help children and the youth in Chilliwack play, learn and grow since 2011. The program offers elementary students a safe space in a familiar environment to enjoy a variety of crafts and workshops, increase their self-esteem, and encourage them to make healthy choices. With nutritious snacks, and the opportunity to build meaningful relationships with leaders and peers, children get a warm welcome right after the bell rings. Visit the Afternoon Adventures website.

Afternoon Adventure McCammon runs every Monday afternoon from 2:00-4:00pm. For more information email Mrs. Donna Reich at