While we are physically distancing and staying home, please keep up your regular reading habits! 

If you run out of record sheets, there is a pdf link at the bottom of this page to print off at home OR you can use your regular calendar or any scrap piece of paper.  Whenever we get back to in-school classes again, we will work to get everyone their rewards as quickly as we can manage.

Running out of things to read?  Try Tumble Books at this link.  You can read or be read to.  There are picture books, novels, graphic novels -- lots to choose from.  If this link doesn't work, go to sd33 home page -- parent & student links -- elementary online resources -- scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Tumble Books


Check It Out!

If you have library books at home,

please keep them in a safe place until we are able to go back to school.



Our circulation system enables us to search the Library collection from home. We will be reviewing navigation of the Library system with our students this fall and, once we are settled in, I will be happy to show parents how to access it from home as well.

Access the Library online here!



The Library is open for part of every day at McCammon.  K-2 classes have a scheduled Library block once a week, but are welcome to use the Open Book Exchanges as well at the discretion of their teachers. 

Open Book Exchange is daily from 8:15 - 8:30 (after teachers have taken attendance) and 12:35 - 1:00 every afternoon.  Students can access the Library at this time with a Library pass supplied by their classroom teacher.  

As well, Mrs. Kushniryk is in the Library every day after school for quick exchanges if bussing is not an issue.

Preschool Story Times:

  • Drop-in Story Times are designed for 3 to 5 year olds.  Younger children are welcome if you check with  Mrs. Kushniryk ahead of time.

Hot Stuff! 

So many books!  We try bring in new titles regularly and try to keep up with all the popular series.  If your child has been hooked by a particular book, encourage them to let Mrs. Kushniryk know so she can look for copies, sequels and similar titles.  Some of our most popular books are part of the "Branches" set of series.  These are great novels for kids ready to transition to chapter books.  Dragon Masters, Owl Diaries, Eerie Elementary are three examples of the different series.  


Come see our LEGO wall!  With the support of our PAC, we have been able to put up a LEGO wall in the library for display purposes.  We are in the process of building up LEGO kits that classes can use for projects to display on the board.  If you have spare LEGO sitting around at home, please consider donating it to our LEGO collection.  It all adds up to a fun way to display our learning!


Home Reading:

Our first Super Reader 100 night recognition assembly will be held Monday, Feb. 3 at 12:45.  In order to be recognized at this assembly, students must reach 100 nights of Home Reading marked on the classroom chart by Monday, January 27.  We are expecting high numbers as we have had two "surprise" recognitions already.  The Kindergartens had the most students at 25 nights by the end of October and received a pizza treat.  Mrs. Brennan's class was the first class to have EVERY student read at least 25 nights and they enjoyed an ice cream treat.

Our next challenge is to be the class with the most students at 75 nights or more by Jan. 20 -- who will earn the treat and what will it be??


Every day can be a Super Reader day from now until May 31, 2021.  

Extra record sheets are available from your student's teacher as well as the notice board by the office.

                                         The single greatest indicator of school success is regular reading practice at home. 

Whether students are reading to themselves or someone else, or being read to – it all makes a positive difference! 

Reading Link Challenge

We are again partnering with FVRL to present the Reading Link Challenge for grade 4 & 5 students.  The list of six titles has been released and we have two copies of each.  As well, the public library has copies in circulation.  We have several students reading the books with an eye on being a part of our school team.  Meetings will begin late in January.


 Parent Library Shelf: 

Parents can become patrons of our Library and sign out books as well.  Our parent Library shelf includes books on a variety of subjects including homework help, discipline, health education, substance abuse prevention and getting your kids to do more chores with less arguments.  Come in and check it out!

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