Code of Conduct & Dress Code

This code of conduct sets out the expectations for behavior at school and during school activities that take place at any location.  It also includes those activities at home that may have a direct impact on school life.  All staff, students, and parents at McCammon Elementary will work together to help each other reach their fullest potential.  Everyone will be treated with respect and dignity set out by the Human Rights of British Columbia. Behaviors or actions that help people grow and mature will be encouraged.  Staff will keep students focused on our school guidelines.

At McCammon Elementary we will:

*   BE RESPECTFUL:  Treat others the way you would like to be treated.

*   BE RESPONSIBLE:  A responsible person knows what to do and carries it out or finds appropriate solutions to problems.

*   BE CARING: Is thinking about the needs of others.

*   BE COOPERATIVE: Is willing to learn and cooperate with a good attitude.

Click the link for more information about McCammon Elementary School Code of Conduct

Click the link for more information about McCammon Elementary School Dress Code

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