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New Healthier You Magazine Fall 2016 article: Deadly decisions: A parent’s guide to the new generation of deadly drugs killing teens in B.C.:
Fraser Health Stop Overdose Information Kit for Schools and Parents:

Super duper summer: Local parents’ tips on making summer a fun and healthy season for the family:

Getting out the angries: Advice from an expert on helping your child get a handle on their emotions:

8 ways to spot a concussion: A Parent’s Guide:

Don’t call me crazy: A teenager’s guide to helping sufferers of mental illness:

Taking a stand on immunization: One parent’s story:

What if no one likes me, mom? How to recognize back to school anxiety, what to do about it:

The cold facts on childhood fever: What to look for, when to worry:

Take a chance on play: Are you stifling your child’s imagination by being too protective?

7 road safety tips for your family and kids:

School lunches made easy:

The childhood obesity epidemic:

Look at me now: a teenager’s journey from obesity to health (scroll down)

Unplugged: kids share their favourite off-screen activities:



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