Summer Learning

Should an agreement be reached by June 30, Summer Learning programs in Chilliwack School District will begin, as planned, on July 2. 

June 24, 2014

Dear Parents/Guardians and Students,

A great deal has happened over the last week with respect to the labour dispute between the British Columbia Public School Employers’ Association and the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation and its impact on our district, students, staff, and parents.

Provincial Exams and Report Cards

As you may know, the Labour Relations Board issued an Essential Services Order advising that Provincial Examinations for students in grades 10-12 will proceed as scheduled. District and school administrators have been supervising exams across the district. Students are writing and, where needed, they are getting the specific help they need from support staff who have been able to cross the picket lines to provide assistance. District staff are marking grade 10, 11 provincial exams.

The Essential Services Orders require that teachers provide final grades for students in grades 10 - 12 to school principals. School principals are currently in the process of collecting this information so that report cards may be produced in a timely manner. Grade 10 - 12 report cards will be sent in the mail by the end of next week.

Prior to the full strike this week, teachers had been working on a condensed report card for students in grades K-9. However, due to the strike, teachers were not in a position to complete a final report card. The Labour Relations Board has not deemed Report Cards an essential service for Kindergarten to Grade 9, therefore you will not receive a final report card at this time reflecting your child’s progress. You will be receiving information in a letter in the mail next week regarding your child’s placement for school in September. We hope that parents have an understanding of their child's progress from previous communications with teachers and report cards issued throughout the year. Once an agreement is reached between the British Columbia Teacher’s Federation and the British Columbia Public School Employers’ Association, we are optimistic we may be able to provide you with further information in the fall regarding your child’s final term progress.

Daycares and Preschools

We recognize that the continued labour dispute has presented a difficulty for some families with respect to daycare/preschool services. Therefore, the Board has provided the choice for pre- school and daycare providers to have their sites open for parents who choose to access them. Please contact your daycare and preschool regarding schedules and the provision of services.

Summer School

A decision regarding Summer School has not been made yet. We will make that decision later this week, based on the best information provided to us at that time. We will make sure this information is posted on our website (

We recognize the incredibly challenging circumstances being experienced throughout our school district and across our community. Teachers, support staff, students, administrators, parents and our Board all want a positive resolution, and are hopeful that the bargaining currently underway reaches a timely resolution. Thank you for your ongoing patience and understanding.


Evelyn Novak Superintendent of Schools



McCammon Traditional Elementary School is proud to be Chilliwack’s first Traditional School and only Elementary Traditional School.

We continue to operate under our 5 Basic Principles. These five principles are:

  • a strong Code of Conduct which reinforces the traditional values:
  • a structured learning environment in instruction and school-wide consistency in curriculum and expectations;
  • sequential development of basic skills in Reading, Writing, and Math, with a focus on individual academic achievement;
  • a unifying Dress Code (uniforms) to promote school spirit, reduce competition and maintain a positive atmosphere; and
  • opportunities for parents/guardians to be active partners in their students’s education

The McCammon Traditional School Learning Community is founded on the values of Citizenship, Respect and Responsibility.