Ms. Lori Rurka




Grades Four / Five  2017/2018


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Please note:

ALL students are given class time to do their assignments. 

If assignments are not completed in the time given they are assigned as homework to be completed and returned the following day.



Interesting and helpful links:  ( math worksheet generator)

You can Google the sites below as well:

Math Fact Cafe - Make your own worksheets and online flash cards! Makes the connection between math and literature
Math Glossary- A fantastic math glossary!
Kids Domain - Math Games
Math Extensions - Math support materials
Fun Brain- Math and Language Arts activities/games
Kidsclick- Maths extensions
aplusmath- Worksheets and flashcards
Brain teasers - Math Brain teasers
AAAmath- Great worksheets and online tutorials
Teaching Time  - Great site and games for teaching analog clock
Rainforest Maths- Best site on the internet for math! - Multiplication site (great to improve your speed)
Cool Math Games - Lemon-aid stand math/business game.
A Math Dictionary for Kids -  Cool, handy-dandy math dictionary.  (If you don't know what your teacher wants you to do in math, look it up - here!)
The Learning Planet -  Math Mayhem game of speed and accuracy for multiplication, division, subtraction and addition.  - Shading in equivalent fractions.
Cool Math 4 Kids  - Learn about fractions the easy way!!!




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