Mrs. Wells

Dear Parents of Division 8 students:

Welcome to my on-line Classroom News!  I will try to update here at least once a month.  (For September I sent a paper copy of our Classroom News home in your child's agenda/planner).


Now that we have almost made it through our first month of school we have some routines within the classroom and set schedules. Our class has P.E./Gym on Monday mornings and Thursday afternoons with Mrs. Hobbs.  We also run the track outside on days we do not have Gym.  So, please ensure that your child always comes prepared to run in suitable shoes.  If there is a medical reason why they should not participate, please send a written note or write this in your child's agenda/planner.   Library book exchange is before or after school and right after lunch each day with the exception of Wednesdays when the Library is closed.  Each student in our class has been assigned a day to visit the library after lunch if they need to exchange their books.


You may have noticed my absence on Wednesdays.  I am currently on a Medical Leave one day per week until further notice.  I will inform you of any changes as soon as I know about them.  Thanks for your understanding and patience. 


Your child should be bringing home their planner every night.  Please check the front pocket for notices and information.  Check each day to see what they have entered in the planner.  I will sometimes write notes within the planner and you can feel free to do the same.  It is a great way to communicate quickly.


Homework in grade 3 is not considered mandatory but we do expect students to read a minimum of 20 minutes per night.  Students have also received their first set of Spelling Words which they will be tested on each Friday.  These words are copied in their agendas on Monday.  At home, your child should practice by reading them aloud, writing them, spelling them aloud, looking up their meaning in a dictionary if they are not sure what they mean or how to use them in a sentence.  Math homework is rarely sent home.  If your child has homework in their agenda, chances are that it is incomplete work from that day or week.  If this is the case, it should be completed and returned the next school day.  Your child also brought home  Interview Questions to complete with you.  They are learning about their names and how they got them.  Please ensure that this is completed and sent back to school so that we can complete our project.  They were originally due on Monday, Sept. 25th. 


Reading:  We have been focusing on choosing suitable, Good Fit Books and building reading stamina to 30 minutes.  We will be learning what areas we need to focus on to become better readers.  Some will need to focus on fluency, others may need to aquire decoding strategies and others may need to work on comprehension.

Writing:  So far we have been discussing what writing is and what things we could write about.  Students are learning that different forms of writing have different purposes.  Most good writing starts with our own personal experiences and this is what our writing will be focused on this term.

Science:  Our class, along with the other grade 3 classes will be learning about biodiversity through the study of Salmon.  We will be visiting the Salmon Hatchery in early November.  (Info. will be sent out closer to the date).

Social Studies:  We have been focusing on the Core Competencies of Personal Awareness this term.  Students are engaged in activities that encourage them to learn about themselves and who they are in relation to others.


Thank you for staying on top of things  with your child.  I am pleased to see that students are remembering their agendas each day and most of us have inside shoes.  Thanks also to those who have sent in school supply money.  If you are having difficulty coming up with funds, please let them know at the office. Finally, thank you to all of those who either attended our Meet the Teacher Open House or who came in at some point to introduce themselves.  It was great to meet you! 

If you need to contact me please feel free to write in your child's agenda, send me an email or call me at the school to set up an appointment.


Mrs. Lori Wells


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